This revolutionary design consists of a new channeled filter top and exhaust port which combine with a canopy to create AllerZone™… the zone between the cage and the room.

Zone 1, The Cage:

Animal zone. Positive pressure protecting animals with HEPA filtered air.

Zone 2, AllerZone™:

Independent air pressure zone. Keeps allergens and cage particulate from escaping into the room, and prevents room air from entering the cage.

Zone 3, The Room:

Personnel zone. Reduces exposure to particulate and allergens.

In contrast with other ventilated rack systems, AllerZone™ eliminates the conflicting decision of whether your ventilated cages should be positive or negative with respect to the room. Providing the best of both worlds, AllerZone™ provides a negative pressure rack containing positive pressure cages, protecting your animals and your personnel. The removal of cages from a rack will not interrupt the balanced airflow to remaining individually ventilated cages (IVC). Well-balanced and consistent control of cage-to-cage air changes per hour (+/- 1 ACH) is the result, with any number of cages present–a feature not found among systems requiring cage level gasket seals.

AllerZone™ was tested for containment of Mouse Urine Protein (M.U.P.), a documented cause of allergic reactions with personnel. Independent certified testing confirmed M.U.P. levels were not increased in the work area using the AllerZone™ Micro-Isolator® System. Separate independent sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) tracer gas challenge testing confirmed no traceable gas leakage was detected from cages into the room or from the room into cages.

Available for all your Super Mouse 750™, Super Mouse 1800™, World Cage 500™, One Cage™, One Cage 2100™ and Super Rat 1400™ Micro-Isolator® ventilated cage and ventilated rack systems.