Hydropac® AWS-5000 Pouch Machine

The Hydropac® AWS-5000 Pouch Machine is an automatic packaging machine that produces up to 1,800 water filled Hydropac® Pouches an hour (30 per minute), using specially formulated (FDA grade) Hydroseal™ Pouch Film and facility supplied drinking water. Produce either 13 oz. or 8 oz. (384 or 236 ml) pouches in any quantities you prescribe through an ergonomic touch screen control panel.

Filled pouches are a convenient, reliable and economical drinking water source for virtually all research rodents and can be stored for extended periods while maintaining water quality. A Manifold Unit with Water Treatment Proportioner and Ultra Filtration Systems provides water pressure regulation and flow rate control required for the high production volumes, assuring continuous pouch production. Precise administering of additives and biological controls are provided through the Water Treatment Proportioner and Ultra Filtration Systems. These Systems offer the option of removing virtually all microbes from the water supply, to meet the quality levels your research protocols require.

A comprehensive range of support equipment for the AWS-5000 Pouch Machine provide reliable, highly efficient and ergonomic methods of production, distribution and disposal of Hydropac® Pouches. Be sure to download the Hydropac® Catalog for more details.