Modular Primate Cage Units

Conveniently attach units together to transfer your animals horizontally for transport or preparing for cage wash processing. The one-over-one design provides full vertical access for animals. Lock units together to create runs that provide horizontal and vertical access for exercise or group housing flexibility. Each cage compartment features a single pull, suspended squeeze back with a double bar perch and optional Delrin® platform pad. Self storing, sliding socialization panels provide animals with; Separation, Viewing, Finger Touching or Full Access with a solid panel rear refuge. Meet or exceeds current USDA requirements for housing Group 4 Primates (10-15 kg) and can be configured for compliance with European or other requirements upon request.

  Interlocking Unit Socialization:

  • Interlock (1/1) Unit to Unit continuously
  • Multiple Cage Configurations
  • 4 Stage Socialization, Adjacent Cages
  • Expansion Horizontal and / or Vertical


  • Full Swing, Removable Cage Front with Guillotine Door (std.)
  • Optional (within Full Swing Front):
  • Sliding Door
  • Dual Sliding Doors
  • Specialty Doors


  • Dry Pan (SS or Plastic)
  • Optional:
  • Rear Flush (to wall, trough)
  • Rear Flush with Downspout
  • Metabolism Collection

  Body Panels:

  • Clear Polycarbonate Top & Rear (std.)
  • Interchangeable Mesh Side (std.)
  • Optional: SST Rear Panels, Mesh Top Panel

  Feeders & Watering:

  • Box Feeder (std.)
  • Optional:
  • Foraging (Reach Through Turf)
  • Puzzle / Foraging (Top Mounted)
  • Bottle Watering
  • Automatic Watering


  • Two Removable Grid Floors (std.)
  • Remove Midsection Floor, Solid Panel and Pan for Full Vertical Unit Expansion

  Squeeze Back:

  • Single Pull/Perch design two perch tubes and a SS platform
  • Optional: Perch Platform Pad

  Enrichment (Adjacent Cage):

  • 4-Stage Socialization Panels (std.)
  • Separation: Self-Storing, Solid, Sliding
  • Viewing: Self-Storing, Sliding w/View Panel
  • Finger Touching: Dual Mesh Fixed Panels
  • Full Access: Horiz. Cage Access & Retreat

Primate cages can also be wall-mounted on supports that are anchored to the wall. Removable cages are mounted on horizontal rails with buttons that engage keyhole slots located on the rear side of each cage.

Delrin® is a registered trademark of DuPont™ Company.