One Cage™ Ventilated Cages

House all of your rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs in one Species-flexible™ Micro-Isolator® system.

One Cage™ offers numerous productivity benefits, from the clear plastic Modular Diet Delivery System allowing better visibility of food and water levels, to a choice of 3 animal watering options, to the plastic cage lock providing easy access with one-handed operation, to the elimination of the wire bar lid allowing faster cage changes (compared to old style wire bar lid caging) and more.

With a >80 sq. in. interior floor area, house various rodent populations by exchanging snap-on modular feeders. Add or remove a cage divider for mouse breeding pairs as needed. The internal cubic area available for rodents is maximized, with a direct line of sight for easy observations of food, water and animals. Choose from either automatic, bottled or Hydropac® pouch and disposable valve watering options.

These cages feature the same micro-isolation integrity the research community expects from Lab Products Micro-Isolator® systems, with effective micro-isolation of static or individually ventilated caging, for almost 40 years.

Your research studies can benefit from adding LifeSpan™ rodent enrichment (adds >22 sq. in. roaming area) to the One Cage™ for happier, healthier animals. The One Cage 2100™ and the original One Cage™ share many components like feeder attachments, filters and filter retainer.