Super Mouse 1800™ Ventilated Cages

With a 180 sq. in. interior floor area, house up to 12 adult mice per cage with Super Mouse 1800™ Micro-Isolator® cages . An excellent choice for group housing, add or remove a cage divider for mouse breeding pairs as needed. With generous living space for your mice, the internal cubic area available for rodents is maximized, with direct line of sight observations of food, water and animals. Choose from bottle, automatic or Hydropac® pouch and disposable valve watering options.

These cages feature the same micro-isolation integrity the biomedical research community has come to expect from Lab Products, llc. Micro-Isolator® systems, through effective micro-isolation of individually ventilated or static caging since the 1970’s.

Your research studies can benefit from adding LifeSpan™ rodent enrichment (adds >18 sq. in. roaming area) to cages for happier, healthier animals.