Super Mouse 1800™ Ventilated Racks

Choose from 2 different Super Mouse 1800™ Ventilated Rack types.

  • RAIR HD Super Mouse 1800™
  • RAIR IsoSystem™ Super Mouse 1800™

Select from 3 different ventilated Micro-Isolator® cage systems. Mix and match cages as your study needs prescribe, without any changes to the racks.

  1. Super Mouse 1800™
  2. Super Mouse 750™
  3. Econo-Cage®

RAIR HD Super Mouse 1800™

Featuring high density housing with incredible flexibility to house 3 interchangeable Micro-Isolator® mouse cages; Super Mouse 1800™, Super Mouse 750™ and Econo-Cage®. Choose from a wide range of standard ventilated rack models.

RAIR IsoSystem™ Super Mouse 1800™

Freely exchange all 3 Micro-Isolator® mouse cages, with racks yielding slightly less cages per square foot compared to RAIR HD however, the rack pricing is more competitive, thanks to streamlined manufacturing processes.

Be sure to download the Ventilated Products Guide and visit the Wall Mounted Ventilated Racks section for more details.

Standard Super Mouse 1800™ Ventilated Racks hold from 30 up to 160 ventilated cages designed to help protect the well being of your laboratory animals and personnel, meet your research requirements and minimize experimental variables. Leading edge animal housing AllerZone™ Micro-Isolator® technology provides a negative pressure rack, containing positive pressure cages that are maintained with HEPA filtered air. Minimal components support a streamlined workflow with reliable, user-friendly equipment that is uncomplicated to install, maintain and operate. An unobstructed view of cage interiors provides quick and easy observations of mice, food and water levels, without disturbing cages.

Microprocessor environmental controls ensure consistent air exchange. Low velocity HEPA filtered air is delivered directly to each cage, protecting animals. Expelled cage air, animal dander, allergens and odors are captured indirectly through a negative pressure zone called AllerZone™, protecting personnel. The result is the most precise and consistent cage-to-cage airflow balance (+/- 1 ACH) available for high-density individually ventilated cages (IVC). Airflow remains balanced with any number of cages present on a rack. If the electrical power is disrupted, Micro-Isolator® ventilated cages immediately revert to static cages (non-ventilated mode) with a Petri Dish effect, providing air exchange so rodents can breathe.