2014 AALAS Technician Awards

  • Stephan L. Nelson

    Pfizer Inc
    District 1
  • James (Jim) J. Sisolak

    Merck & Co Inc
    District 2
  • Sherly Michel

    Priority One Services/ NIH
    District 3
  • Alisha Dane Holley

    Charles River Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
    District 4
  • Ashley N. Duval

    University of Michigan 018 Animal Research Facility
    District 5
  • Candace Sue Flemming

    University of Illinois Division of Animal Resources
    District 6
  • Marian Madeline O'Brien-Clark

    University of Colorado Denver Office of Laboratory Animal Resources
    District 7
  • Anthony Keith McGinnis

    University of California Berkeley Office of Laboratory Animal Care
    District 8
  • Dr. Benjamin Emmanuel Chávez Álvarez

    Av. Instituto Politecnico Nacional
  • Jennifer Lynn MacDonald

    University of Victoria Office of Research Services
    AALAS Canada