Environmental Systems

  • Inhalation Exposure Chamber

    The Lab Products, llc. Inhalation Exposure Chamber provides an innovative approach to inhalation research for your acute, chronic and subchronic studies. A self-contained, “live-in” feature reduces set-up, tear-down and related husbandry costs. The unit allows for a 100% concentration within 15 … Read More »

  • Stay-Clean™ Workbenches

    Micro-Isolator™ cages should be opened and serviced within a Stay-Clean™ Workbench, providing a Class 100 laminar flow air work area. These units are designed for the manipulation, handling and transferring of animals to clean cages. The laminar flow combined with … Read More »

  • Micro-Isolator® Systems

    When used in a static condition, the Micro-Isolator® system functions as an animal-sized Petri dish. The cage may be handled without breaking the cage level microbiological barrier. Although air exchange rates in a static (non-ventilated) Micro-Isolator® may be adequate, ammonia, … Read More »

  • Metabolic Systems

    Our Metabolic Systems include both our Metabolic Cage and Metabolic Rack, and provide convenient and efficient housing for your metabolism studies. Interchangeable components are easy to assemble, accommodate mice and rats, offer 99% separation efficiency, and allow easy access to … Read More »

  • Cubicle Isolation Systems

    Cubicles are an effective means of isolating various research projects within a single suite, and are designed to provide the level of isolation or containment required at the room level – the space in which cages are housed. Lab Products, … Read More »

  • Waste Management System

    Within the Waste Management System, air enters the work opening of the unit and passes over the disposal ports, capturing particulate generated by emptying cages. The air is then pulled through a two-stage pre-filter system, passes through the third stage … Read More »

  • SounBreak™

    Noise is one of life’s most pervasive environmental stressors, adversely affecting health and well being of both people and animals. In research facilities, animal housing rooms with hard surfaced walls, ceilings and floors, generate semi-reverberate noises. The atmosphere creates hazards … Read More »

  • Enviro-Gard™

    Concerns for the well-being of laboratory animals and personnel has lead to increased focus on reliable environmental protection that harmonizes with scientific research needs. Lab Products, llc. provides a family of Enviro-Gard™ Environmental Control Systems designed to take the guesswork … Read More »

  • AllerZone™

    This revolutionary design consists of a new channeled filter top and exhaust port which combine with a canopy to create AllerZone™… the zone between the cage and the room. Zone 1, The Cage: Animal zone. Positive pressure protecting animals with … Read More »