RAIR IsoSystem™ Wall Mounted

  • RAIR IsoSystem™ Wall Mounted Systems deliver major advantages for increasing your holding room cage densities and reducing your overall animal care costs. Observe your animals with complete unobstructed access, with all load-bearing structures located at the back of the rack. Exchange cages with the greatest of ease, without any columns or bars to work around. Choose from a wide range of Micro-Isolator® systems including Species-flexible™ cages for all your mice, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs.
  • Increases Total Animal Holding Room Capabilities
  • Various Rack Sizes and Cage Sizes Available
  • Superior Cage Visibility and Ergonomic Access
  • Quick and Easy Assembly / Disassembly (no tools)
  • Knocked-down Components for Cage Wash / Autoclave
  • Negative Pressure Rack Contains Positive Pressure Cages
  • AllerZone™ Control of Airborne Allergens (Ventilated)
  • Precise Balanced Airfow from Cage to Cage (+/- 1 ACH)
  • Self-Calibrating, Plug and Play Rack Certification (with Cage Monitor)
  • The Only †NIST Certified Cage Air Dock in the World
  • Watering Options: Hydropac®, Bottles or Automatic
  • Available in several materials – Clear Polycarbonate;

–   Translucent Zyfone™ (2 year warranty)
–   Translucent Zytem™ (5 year warranty)

  • Meets or Exceeds ILAR Guide Recommendations