Econo-Cage® Disposable System

Only Two-Parts

From a truly exceptional design, two things stand out with the Econo-Cage® Disposable System. . . the cage top and the cage bottom. There’s nothing more to handle. Now that’s simple.

Simple Is Better

A seamlessly integrated diet unit and cage top provides excellent visibility and reduced overall handling.

Smooth Edges – Safer Handling

Made from precision injection molded polypropylene plastic, the Econo-Cage® is available standard or irradiated.

Standardized on the Super Mouse System…

For customers already using our Super Mouse 750™ cages, the Econo-Cage® is designed to work with the racks you already have.

And if you’re using Hydropac®

The compatibility is already built in with the only disposable system that gives you complete control over the cage environment and water quality.

  • Low Cost
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to Use
  • Stores Compactly
  • Ventilated or Static
  • Eliminates Washing
  • Fits All 750 Mouse Racks