Super Mouse 1800™ Ventilated Racks & Cages

House Large and Small Mouse Cages Simultaneously.

High density housing of mice with up to 160 individually ventilated cages (IVC) per system. RAIR HD Super Mouse 1800™ Racks hold mouse populations of up to 960 adult mice in one mobile unit, with an unprecedented 3 different cages that can be mixed and matched as needed. House up to 80 larger or 160 smaller cages per IVC Rack for single or group housing of mice. The design delivers low velocity HEPA filtered air to each cage while capturing cage effluent air. Cage air is prevented from entering the room and room air from entering cages, protecting both animals and personnel.

House Super Mouse 1800™, Super Mouse 750™ and Econo-Cage® Disposable Micro-Isolator® systems on each rack at the same time, without any changes to the rack. These innovative cages are designed with minimal components for simplifying handling, reducing inventory and increasing productivity. Observe animals with a clear line of sight into cage interiors, without having to pull cages from a rack.

These cages feature the same micro-isolation integrity the biomedical research community has come to expect from Lab Products, llc. Micro-Isolator® animal housing, with effective micro-isolation of static or individually ventilated caging, for almost 40 years. Every product we offer is designed to minimize experimental variables, meet your research requirements and help ensure the well being of your animals and personnel.

Download a copy of the Ventilated Products Guide and check out some of our most popular ventilated animal housing systems.