RAIR IsoSystem™

From the ground up, RAIR IsoSystem™ Ventilated Racks are designed with forward-looking innovations to make housing your rodents easier and far more energy efficient. Supply and exhaust air ducts are combined in a single, vertically integrated air manifold, resulting in fewer parts and greater airflow efficiency. A highly efficient Scientifically Controlled Airflow design incorporates energy saving RAIR Enviro-Gard™ HEPA filtered air units that are smaller, lighter and quieter. All four RAIR Enviro-Gard™ units are interfaced through a single, relocatable control panel.

Although the rack is an entirely new design, the caging is familiar, featuring 3 interchangeable AllerZone™ Micro-Isolator® systems. You can house up to 144 Super Mouse 750™, 144 Econo-Cage® Disposable or 72 Super Mouse 1800™ Micro-Isolator® cages. Mix and match all 3 cages as your study needs and animal populations vary.

Animal research facilities face the increasingly difficult challenges of minimizing inefficiency, reducing variables . . . and saving money. Energy efficient RAIR IsoSystem™ high density housing delivers a difficult-to-beat combination of superior value, reliability, simplicity, high performance . . . and low cost!

Self-Calibrating, Plug and Play Rack Certification (with RAIR Enviro-Gard™ Cage Monitor).

Ease & Efficiency . . . A New Era in Laboratory Housing!