Metabolic Cage

Accommodating mice or rats, our Metabolic Cages offer 99% separation efficiency of urine and feces, assuring maximum purity of samples. Each cage may be placed on a single cage stand or a stainless steel rack accommodating up to eight cages. Components below the cage floor are removable without disturbing animals allowing tests to be conducted over a prolonged period of time without interruptions. Featuring autoclavable polycarbonate and stainless steel components, these units are easy to assemble, maintain, disassemble and clean. Animals may be accessed without disassembly of cages.

Animal waste is directed through a collection funnel and onto a linear diffuser. The diffuser allows solid matter to travel down the top ridges of a 50% incline, passing over a urine port, and into a fecal collection vessel. Liquid waste flows along grooves down the inclined diffuser, passing through the urine port, and into a urine collection vessel. A urine deflector prevents excess urine from splashing and contaminating fecal specimen. Separate urine and feces samples are collected in two standard 50 ml. centrifuge vessels.