• Primate Enrichment Systems

    The Primate Enrichment Unit is a flexible housing system which allows multiple configurations for a range of primate socialization possibilities. Each unit includes four compartments with interchangeable partition panels for varying degrees of primate interaction, from complete isolation to full … Read More »

  • Modular Primate Pens

    With Modular Primate Pens, you can house any variety of your Group 1 through Group 4 nonhuman primates (NHP’s) in one system. Delivering plenty of space for enrichment and socialization features, the modular design promotes the highest standards of care … Read More »

  • Modular Primate Cage Units

    Conveniently attach units together to transfer your animals horizontally for transport or preparing for cage wash processing. The one-over-one design provides full vertical access for animals. Lock units together to create runs that provide horizontal and vertical access for exercise … Read More »