Noise is one of life’s most pervasive environmental stressors, adversely affecting health and well being of both people and animals. In research facilities, animal housing rooms with hard surfaced walls, ceilings and floors, generate semi-reverberate noises. The atmosphere creates hazards for researchers and laboratory workers as communication becomes difficult and on-the-job safety is compromised. Research has also proven that high levels of noise affect the biological parameters of research animals. SounBreak™ Acoustical Panels help reduce dB levels by absorbing sound and reducing echo in animal research facilities.

Performance results are amazing. SounBreak™ Acoustical Panels offer up to a 10-decibel reduction of reverberant noise with the appropriate number of panels. The versatile design of SounBreak™ Acoustical Panels allows them to be mounted to walls, suspended from ceilings, placed in standard drop ceilings or mounted directly onto kennels and cage partitions. The sound absorbing material is completely wrapped and heat sealed within a waterproof polyethylene enclosure and will not promote the growth of bacteria or mold when the envelope’s integrity is maintained. The enclosure can withstand 190° F for 30 minutes.

A unique snap-together perforated aluminum panel design allows easy access for internal cleaning. Entire panels can be dusted, vacuumed, wet wiped and pressure hosed or run through a tunnel washer. SounBreak™ Panels are easily removed from stainless steel mounting brackets; simply lift up and pull the panels away from the wall, ceiling or kennel partition.