New Products

  • Ventilated Light Controlled Animal Housing System

    With the Ventilated Light Controlled Animal Housing System, animal holding rooms no longer have to be dedicated for studies requiring room light control. Day to night pattern lighting control is provided at the rack level over multiple zones. The Sun … Read More »

  • Collapsible Mobile Dog Kennel

    This collapsible mobile dog kennel may be configured for use with dogs, swine or other animals. These units enhance the flexibility of the animal research facility by providing a floor-space-saving alternative to fixed kennels. The kennels fold up with ease … Read More »

  • RAIR Enviro-Gard™ Cage Monitor

    Monitor, record and transfer key micro-environmental data, with the reliability you need to ensure your animal housing units are running smoothly. Certify cage-level airflow balance with self-calibrating rack technology in just minutes per rack, with consistent measurements you can trust. … Read More »

  • Wireless Alert System

    Stay informed about your ventilated racks, cages and research animals around the clock, wirelessly. The Alert System allows you to remotely monitor the supply and exhaust HEPA filtered air systems of your ventilated racks, while sending electronic alerts to the … Read More »

  • Econo-Cage® Disposable System

    Only Two-Parts From a truly exceptional design, two things stand out with the Econo-Cage® Disposable System. . . the cage top and the cage bottom. There’s nothing more to handle. Now that’s simple. Simple Is Better A seamlessly integrated diet … Read More »

  • RAIR IsoSystem™ Wall Mounted

    RAIR IsoSystem™ Wall Mounted Systems deliver major advantages for increasing your holding room cage densities and reducing your overall animal care costs. Observe your animals with complete unobstructed access, with all load-bearing structures located at the back of the rack. … Read More »


    Building upon decades of continuous innovation and refinement of laboratory animal housing technology, RAIR HD Ventilated Racks set a new standard for performance, reliability, quality and economical operation, with the greatest rodent housing flexibility available. Select from more than 60 … Read More »

  • Modular Primate Pens

    With Modular Primate Pens, you can house any variety of your Group 1 through Group 4 nonhuman primates (NHP’s) in one system. Delivering plenty of space for enrichment and socialization features, the modular design promotes the highest standards of care … Read More »

  • Modular Primate Cage Units

    Conveniently attach units together to transfer your animals horizontally for transport or preparing for cage wash processing. The one-over-one design provides full vertical access for animals. Lock units together to create runs that provide horizontal and vertical access for exercise … Read More »

  • Multi-Species™ Modular Cage System

    The Multi-Species™ Modular Cage System is available in two cage sizes, with a floor area of either 5.0 or 4.2 square feet. Cages feature a warm-surfaced thermoplastic floor with specially designed flanges to assure both animal comfort and deflection of … Read More »

  • bCON™ Biocontainment System

    With good reason, the most widely accepted animal caging used in ABSL-3 has been the simple, static (non-ventilated)  Micro-Isolator®… until now. A completely revolutionary design specifically engineered for housing mice in ABSL-3 facilities, the bCON™ Biocontainment System dramatically improves upon the static … Read More »