• Species-flexible™ Isolation Unit

    Flexible biocontainment housing allows for a wide range of species, even in the same animal holding room. A dual compartment, over and under design provides isolation at the cage level, thanks to a RAIR Enviro-Gard™ HEPA filtered air exhaust unit … Read More »

  • Multi-Species Isolation Transfer Unit

    Lab Products, llc. offers a range of isolation caging for biocontainment applications, including housing for; primates, rabbits, ferrets, dogs, sheep and more. The gallery shows a versatile isolation transport unit that accepts many cage types, so you can temopraily house … Read More »

  • Ferret Isolation Unit

    Lab Products, llc. offers many isolation caging designs for isolation housing of non-human primates, rabbits and ferrets, dogs and sheep. We also provide isolation transport units for various species as well. Lab Products, llc. specializes in designing custom fabricated negative … Read More »

  • bCON™ Biocontainment System

    With good reason, the most widely accepted animal caging used in ABSL-3 has been the simple, static (non-ventilated)  Micro-Isolator®… until now. A completely revolutionary design specifically engineered for housing mice in ABSL-3 facilities, the bCON™ Biocontainment System dramatically improves upon the static … Read More »