• Modular Guinea Pig Unit

    House your guinea pigs in the secure, easy to maintain living space of the Modular Guinea Pig Cage System. With a 4.2 or 5.0 square foot floor area, standard systems offer 5, 8 or 12 cages. Choose from a variety … Read More »

  • Cardholders

    Thank you for visiting our new web site, and for your interest in this product. We are adding information daily so please with your immediate needs. By phone, fax, email, or by simply using the contact button at the upper … Read More »

  • See-Through™ Systems

    See-Through™ Housing Systems are available for housing rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs, they provide the ultimate in flexibility and convenience by housing many different cage sizes. To meet various housing density and installation requirements, single-sided and double-sided mobile systems … Read More »

  • Metabolic Cage

    Accommodating mice or rats, our Metabolic Cages offer 99% separation efficiency of urine and feces, assuring maximum purity of samples. Each cage may be placed on a single cage stand or a stainless steel rack accommodating up to eight cages. … Read More »

  • SIR™ Sipper Tube Device

    Separating sipper tubes from rubber stoppers can be a difficult time consuming task, posing ergonomic stresses to personnel. The dual action SIR™ can ease the ergonomic stresses by allowing easy insertion and removal of sipper tubes from rubber stoppers. Designed … Read More »

  • Cling-on™ Cage Labels

    Visual Impact at the Cage Level… the Cling-ons™ are coming! Made from static cling vinyl, highly visible Cling-on™ Cage Labels identify special needs at a glance. The pocket-sized sheets of eight labels are convenient, easy to use, and attach without … Read More »

  • Carousel Feeder™ Systems

    Many scientific studies supporting the advantages of diet optimization have been published in scientific journals for more than 40 years. Our 7-day Carousel Feeder™ provides diet optimization every day of the week. Individual 25-gram wells allow a one week supply … Read More »

  • LifeSpan™ Rodent Enrichment

    A New Level of Environmental Enrichment for your rodents … LifeSpan™ provides a more comfortable and stimulating environment for your animals while helping to reduce variability in your research results. A multi-level environment increases rodent activity and social development, promotes … Read More »

  • Adjustable and Welded Racks

    Our high quality racks are engineered and crafted of the finest stainless steal, built with pride in our own USA manufacturing facility. Welded racks feature permanently welded shelves. Adjustable racks provide aluminum brackets at the corners of each shelf. Shelf … Read More »