One Cage™ Ventilated Racks & Cages

Species-flexible™ Housing For All Your Small Rodents.

Versatile housing for mice, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs in one mobile rack. High density Multi-Species™ housing with up to 112 individually ventilated cages (IVC’s) per system. Low velocity HEPA filtered air is delivered to each cage while capturing cage effluent air. The patented design prevents cage air from entering the room and room air from entering cages, protecting animals and personnel.

Featuring innovative cages designed with minimal components, One Cage™ Ventilated Racks and Cages simplifying handling, reduce inventory and increase productivity. Observe your animals with an unobstructed view of cage interiors, without having to remove cages from a rack.

Download the Ventilated Products Guide to learn more about some of our most popular Ventilated Micro-Isolator® animal housing systems.