LifeSpan™ Rodent Enrichment

A New Level of Environmental Enrichment for your rodents …

LifeSpan™ provides a more comfortable and stimulating environment for your animals while helping to reduce variability in your research results. A multi-level environment increases rodent activity and social development, promotes natural behaviors, animal well-being and reduces aggression. The increased activity in cages with LifeSpan™ helps foster a more relaxed and stable social atmosphere.

Made from translucent plastic, with LifeSpan™ you can easily observe animals without having to disturb them. The elevated surface actually expands the amount of roaming area…providing more room from the same space! If a cage becomes flooded, rodents can retreat up to a dry area until help arrives, reducing stress and mortality risks. LifeSpan™ is easy to install, remove, stack and clean. It also serves as an excellent nesting area when placed inverted on the cage floor.