Multi-Species™ Modular Cage System

The Multi-Species™ Modular Cage System is available in two cage sizes, with a floor area of either 5.0 or 4.2 square feet. Cages feature a warm-surfaced thermoplastic floor with specially designed flanges to assure both animal comfort and deflection of waste into a waste pan below. Lightweight plastic floors and pans are easily removed, nest for stacking, and dampen noise during cage use and transport.

An open cage configuration allows for single, pair (breeding) or group housing. A removable center divider promotes social interaction between cages. All center, side and back panels are slotted to enhance air exchange, reducing odor and heat formation. Removable doors feature a 32 ounce bottle and thermoplastic J style pellet feeder.

Suitable for rack washers, the fully welded mobile stainless steel rack frame and panel construction is designed for ergonomic handling and convenient cleaning. This cage system approach can be produced to house a variety of lab animals including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, poultry or cats.

  • Welded stainless steel rack and panel overall construction
  • Available cage sizes: 5.0 or 4.2 sq ft, (.465/.390 sq m)
  • Interchangeable doors, floors, pans, dividers, bottles and feeders
  • Thermoplastic lightweight floor provides animal comfort
  • Thermoplastic lightweight pan for easy handling
  • Thermoplastic ABS J style pellet feeder with optional lid
  • 32 oz. polycarbonate bottle (automatic watering available)
  • Meets US and European housing guidelines

System dimensions may vary upon selections of animal species. Flooring is available in ABS material for washing (180°F / 82°C) or polycarbonate material for autoclaving (250°F / 121°C). The pan is available in autoclaveable polycarbonate or stainless steel materials.