• Collapsible Mobile Dog Kennel

    This collapsible mobile dog kennel may be configured for use with dogs, swine or other animals. These units enhance the flexibility of the animal research facility by providing a floor-space-saving alternative to fixed kennels. The kennels fold up with ease … Read More »

  • See-Through™ Systems

    See-Through™ Housing Systems are available for housing rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs, they provide the ultimate in flexibility and convenience by housing many different cage sizes. To meet various housing density and installation requirements, single-sided and double-sided mobile systems … Read More »

  • One Cage 2100™ Ventilated Racks & Cages

    House Large and Small Species-flexible™ Cages Simultaneously. High density Multi-Species™ housing with flexibility to house two distinctly different interchangeable cage sizes on the same rack. Simply the most versatile housing available for mice, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs, with up … Read More »

  • One Cage™ Ventilated Racks & Cages

    Species-flexible™ Housing For All Your Small Rodents. Versatile housing for mice, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs in one mobile rack. High density Multi-Species™ housing with up to 112 individually ventilated cages (IVC’s) per system. Low velocity HEPA filtered air is … Read More »

  • Conventional Cages

    With more innovations and patents, our in-house plastics and molding division makes a wider variety of cages than anyone else in the world. Whether you bought your caging from us 30 months or 30 years ago, we are still the … Read More »