Modular Guinea Pig Unit

House your guinea pigs in the secure, easy to maintain living space of the Modular Guinea Pig Cage System. With a 4.2 or 5.0 square foot floor area, standard systems offer 5, 8 or 12 cages. Choose from a variety of ergonomically friendly floor and door configurations to best suit your single, pair or group animal housing needs.

  • Welded stainless steel rack and panel overall construction
  • 5, 8 or 12 cages with 4.2 or 5.0 sq ft floor (.390/.465 sq m)
  • Interchangeable floors, doors, pans, bottles and feeders
  • Thermoplastic or stainless steel pan for easy handling
  • Thermoplastic or stainless steel feeder options
  • Each door holds 1-2, 15 oz. water bottle.
  • Hydropac® and auto-watering options available
  • Meets US and European housing guidelines

Three thermoplpastic floor options provide a durable, lightweight and warm surface material; full perforation, corner perforation or solid. Smooth perforated flanged holes assure animal comfort and deflect waste into a lower excreta pan (pan not needed with solid floor option). Guinea Pig Units that are 2 cages wide, feature removable center panels. Expand or reduce animal access areas horizontally by easily removing or replacing divider panels.

Drawer style floors give you easier cage access and are available in ABS material for washing (180°F / 82°C) or polycarbonate material for autoclaving (250°F / 121°C). A floor mounted door option provides hinge-free access to your animals and helps to conserve workspace. Hinge style doors are also available. Each removable door holds 1 or 2 water bottles and offers several feeder options; a stainless steel J style, an external box feeder or a thermoplastic J style feeder.

Suitable for rack washers, a leak-tight welded stainless steeel rack frame and panel construction is designed for ergonomic handling and conveneint cleaning. Lightweight plastic floors and pans are easily removed and nest for stacking while dampening noise during cage use or transport. This modular cage approach can be produced to house a variety of lab animal specieis including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, poultry or cats. System dimensions may vary upon selections of animal species. You can also consider housing more than one specie by exchanging modular feeeder, floor and watering components, with a system configured for Species-Flexibility™ at time of manufacture.