• See-Through™ Systems

    See-Through™ Housing Systems are available for housing rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs, they provide the ultimate in flexibility and convenience by housing many different cage sizes. To meet various housing density and installation requirements, single-sided and double-sided mobile systems … Read More »

  • Micro-Isolator® Systems

    When used in a static condition, the Micro-Isolator® system functions as an animal-sized Petri dish. The cage may be handled without breaking the cage level microbiological barrier. Although air exchange rates in a static (non-ventilated) Micro-Isolator® may be adequate, ammonia, … Read More »

  • Conventional Cages

    With more innovations and patents, our in-house plastics and molding division makes a wider variety of cages than anyone else in the world. Whether you bought your caging from us 30 months or 30 years ago, we are still the … Read More »