Inhalation Exposure Chamber

The Lab Products, llc. Inhalation Exposure Chamber provides an innovative approach to inhalation research for your acute, chronic and subchronic studies. A self-contained, “live-in” feature reduces set-up, tear-down and related husbandry costs. The unit allows for a 100% concentration within 15 minutes. Animals do not have to be rotated to receive a uniform test atmosphere while allowing for more animals to be housed.

Choose from a range of whole body exposure cages for housing; mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, non-human primates and more. Standard chamber sizes include 2,000, 1,000 and 750 liter capacities to hold interchangeable caging for housing various animal species. Each cage is equipped with a removable feed trough, extra tray and auto-watering. Custom cage sizes available.

The mobile chambers are designed to; (1) provide uniform aresol mixing, (2) protect each level of animals from extreta of animals on other levels, (3) provide adequate animal holding capacities per chamber, (4) permit efficient set-up and tear-down, and reduce associated routine animal care costs. Inhalation cage Mobile Service Carts can be equipped with automatic watering to also house animals as needed.

H-2000 – 2,000 liter capacity, up to 6 cages.

H-1000 – 1,000 liter capacity, up to 3 cages (option – separate upper section for vol. ≈ 300 liters)

H-750 – 750 liter capacity, up to 2 cages