Concerns for the well-being of laboratory animals and personnel has lead to increased focus on reliable environmental protection that harmonizes with scientific research needs. Lab Products, llc. provides a family of Enviro-Gard™ Environmental Control Systems designed to take the guesswork out of equipment performance, operation and maintenance, with energy efficient, user-friendly technologies.

With advanced microprocessor technology and built-in sensors that instantaneously adjust airflow settings, balanced environmental control from ventilated cage to cage and from ventilated rack to rack, has never been easier. Equipped with easy to view panels, Enviro-Gard™ displays everything from supply and exhaust air flow rates, filter status, to fan performance, temperature and more. Now you can devote more time towards your research goals and less time towards routine maintenance, with Enviro-Gard™.

Enviro-Gard™ A & B Systems

  • Handles 1 rack
  • Rack mounted, wall mounted or ceiling suspended

Enviro-Gard™ Duplex™

  • Handles 2 racks
  • Wall mounted or mobile systems

Enviro-Gard™ MultiPlex™

  • Handles up to 10 racks
  • Free standing, wall mounted, mobile or interstitial space systems

ARV™ Air Regulator Valve

  • Regulates airflow when connecting or removing a rack from HVAC

Enviro-Gard™ Exhaust & Supply Monitor/Control Units

  • Controls and/or monitors HVAC airflow

Enviro-Gard™ Cage Monitor Control Unit

  • Monitor, Control and Certification Instrument
  • Monitors: Cage ACH, Temperature, Light and Humidity levels with data logging