Enviro-Gard™ Exhaust & Supply Monitor / Control Units

When planning to connect ventilated rack exhaust air and/or supply air directly to an HVAC system, consider how Enviro-Gard™ Exhaust and Supply Monitor or Monitor Control units can help your facility assure specified airflow ranges, with digital accuracy.

Enviro-Gard™ Exhaust Monitor and Supply Monitor units feature solid state microprocessors that provide continuous monitoring of airflow rates between a Micro-Isolator™ ventilated rack and a facility HVAC system. These units provide an accurate digital display of airflow rates in CFM (cubic feet per minute) or CMH (cubic meters per hour). The proper operational mode is shown with a green indicator light. When an airflow rate falls below or above specified ranges, a red alarm indicator light activates.

In addition to monitoring airflow, Enviro-Gard™ Exhaust Monitor Control and Supply Monitor Control units control airflow fluctuations by an internal valve, maintaining consistent airflow with a Micro-Isolator™ ventilated rack. When disconnected from a rack, the valve automatically returns to the factory pre-set condition to provide the same pressure resistance as a connected rack. This technology provides uninterrupted airflow for racks connected to the same room system.