Enviro-Gard™ Multiplex™

Environmental Control System — Multiple Rack HEPA Filtered Air Handling Unit

Now you can supply and exhaust HEPA filtered airflow to as many as 10 Ventilated Racks—with just one Air Handling Unit!

MultiPlex™ eliminates the need for separate HEPA filter units dedicated to individual racks by controlling multiple ventilated racks simultaneously from one unit. Featuring quiet, efficient and economic operation, MultiPlex™ combines microprocessor and volumetric airflow technology to maintain consistent balanced airflow with unprecedented sensitivity.

Intelligent communication with world-class performance.

Three versions are available and can provide; supply and exhaust air, supply air only or exhaust air only. Units can be free standing, wall mounted, ceiling mounted or caster mounted. MultiPlex™ can be located; in the animal room, outside the animal room, in interstitial space and can serve ventilated racks in more than one animal room at the same time.

Conserve energy, improve workflow, and reduce operational costs with MultiPlex™ … a modern environmental control solution designed to take the guesswork out of equipment operation and performance.