Enviro-Gard™ Duplex™

HEPA filtered airflow for 2 Ventilated Racks.

Reduce your inventory and eliminate the need for separate HEPA filter units dedicated to individual ventilated racks. Featuring quiet, efficient and economic operation, Duplex™ combines microprocessor and volumetric airflow technology to maintain precision balanced airflow with unprecedented sensitivity.

Three versions are available; supply and exhaust air, supply air only or exhaust air only. Units can be free standing, wall mounted, ceiling mounted or caster mounted. Duplex™ can be located in the animal room, outside the animal room or in interstitial space.

Enviro-Gard™ Duplex™ Environmental Control Systems feature a large, easy to view light emitting diode (LED) display of the overall average cage air change rate per hour (ACH) of Micro-Isolator™ ventilated cages. The Exhaust unit LED displays the overall average cubic feet per minute (CFM) (or cubic meters per hour, CMH) of exhaust airflow rates.

These units also feature a liquid crystal display (LCD) of operational parameters including; airflow, fan performance, fan hours, pre-filter status, temperature, ventilated cage type and ventilated rack size. All values may be viewed in either English or metric units. Green and red indicator lights display the operational status of the pre-filter, HEPA filter and fan. A large (9” x 9”) HEPA filter (99.99% efficient to 0.3 micron particles) surface means you’ll be changing HEPA filters infrequently.

Enviro-Gard™ Duplex™
Continuous airflow control / Monitoring; airflow, filters, fan, room temp.
LED display of airflow (ACH) (CFM or CMH) / LED status of filters and fan.
LCD display of operational parameters.

Compact, energy efficient with low noise and vibration, Enviro-Gard™ Duplex™ delivers state of the art environmental controls designed to take the guesswork out of equipment performance, operation and maintenance. Save your valuable time by maintaining environmental controls with digital reliability and push-button convenience.