Modular Primate Pens

With Modular Primate Pens, you can house any variety of your Group 1 through Group 4 nonhuman primates (NHP’s) in one system. Delivering plenty of space for enrichment and socialization features, the modular design promotes the highest standards of care for both animals and caretakers. An NHP Penthouse provides a secondary enclosure for primates to view their neighbors or the surrounding room. Featuring front viewing panels and a rear retreat, the Penthouse also makes a good nesting area for smaller group NHP’s. Pens can be entered for cleaning by separating primates into the secondary enclosure, without having to relocate them into separate holding cages.

Easily assemble or disassemble pens (without tools) for relocation, storage or reconfiguration. Enhanced with enrichment devices—such as ladders, perches, enrichment boxes, treat or foraging devices, puzzles, and toys—the Modular Primate Pen provides a stimulating, more pleasant environment.

Interchangeable front, rear, and partition panels make the Modular Primate Pen an ideal Multi-Species™ solution with maximum flexibility built-in. In fact, current users of Lab Products, llc. standard Dog/Swine kennels also benefit, interchanging existing panels with new Primate Pen panels to upgrade your animal housing versatility and keep pace with cage census, animal species and population needs.