Stay-Clean™ Workbench

The Stay-Clean™ Workbench provides HEPA filtered (99.99% efficient to 0.3 micron particles) laminar flow air, pulling airborne particulate from the cages and into the air intake on the front edge of the workbench. The air intake capture reduces personnel exposure to particulate escaping from the cages, helps protect animals from personnel and cross contamination between cages. The Stay-Clean™ Workbench provides a work surface area of 49” wide x 25” deep. When an extra wide workspace is needed, we offer the Stay-Clean™ Stretch Workbench, providing a 73” wide x 25” deep work surface.

These mobile units now offer digital controls that constantly monitor and adjust fan speed as the filter loads, maintaining proper air flow. Since the air flow is adjusted automatically, no special equipment is required to maintain precise airflow performance throughout the life of the HEPA filter. A new pre-filter alarm will help assure your pre-filters are maintained regularly, prolonging the life of the HEPA filter.

Our new electronic lift feature is ergonomically designed to suit the individual needs of your staff. With a 9 inch work surface height adjustment, now you can better accommodate varying ergonomic needs while improving your productivity at the touch of a button.