Modular Built-In

Long term facility solutions are provided by our Modular Built-In cubicle systems. Employing construction materials such as extruded aluminum framing and tempered glass, these units provide high visibility of the animals from both the room and adjacent cubicles. Optional protective guard rails are installed within the entire interior of the cubicle.

The standard cubicle can be integrated into existing facility HVAC systems with room supply diffuser and exhaust returns. The system can be balanced for either positive or negative operation. The cubicle can also be installed as a self-contained unit with HEPA filtered supply and exhaust units mounted within an enclosure on top of the modular cubicles. For these applications, a front control panel provides an air flow monitor gauge, pre-filter warning light, blower on/off switch. Other options include our BioClean™ Class 100 clean room technology designed to provide uniform air through the translucent perforated ceiling panels.