Super Mouse 750™ Ventilated Cages

House up to 5 adult mice per cage with Super Mouse 750™ Ventilated Cages. These Micro-Isolator®  individually ventilated cages are designed to streamline your animal husbandry workflow by increasing the efficiency of housing laboratory mice.

Each component provides you with design benefits built right into this revolutionary system. From the clear plastic Modular Diet Delivery System allowing better visibility of food and water levels, to the 3 different animal watering methods or the elimination of the wire bar lid allowing faster cage changes (compared to old-style caging) and more.

An interior cage height of over 5.5 inches and a 75 sq. in. interior floor area allows you to house 5 adult mice, exceeding the ILAR Guide recommended space for commonly housed laboratory rodents. The internal cubic area available for animals is maximized, with an unobstructed view for observations of animals, water and food. Choose from water bottles, automatic or Hydropac® pouch and disposable valve watering options.

These cages feature the same micro-isolation integrity the biomedical research community has come to expect from Lab Products Micro-Isolator® systems, with reliably effective micro-isolation of individually ventilated or static caging, since the 1970′s.