One Cage 2100™ Stack-A-Rack™

Stack-A-Rack One Cage 2100™ See-Through™ Systems

Create your own stackable housing system with our unique Stack-A-Rack™ Interchangeable See-Through™ Housing Systems. Housing rats, mice hamsters and guinea pigs, the One Cage 2100™ Stack-A-Rack™ provides the ultimate in flexibility and convenience by housing two distinctly different cage sizes. Simply rotate cage runner supports to switch between larger and smaller cages. Up to seven modular tiers accepts as many as 42 One Cage 2100™, or 84 One Cage™ cages—or anywhere in between!

To meet various housing density and installation requirements, single-sided and double-sided mobile systems are available. You can order Stack-A-Rack™ unassembled, preassembled or with welded, fixed shelving. One Cage 2100™ and One Cage™ cages accept LifeSpan™ Rodent Enrichment, providing a stimulating multilevel cage environment.