Duo-Flow™ Mobile Unit

Duo-Flo™ is a mobile, economical alternative to the cubicle/clean room. This self-contained mobile unit incorporates BioClean™ Class 100 clean room technology, and provides isolation of a two sided rack of laboratory animals within a room. A detachable air supply unit provides HEPA filtered air, removing 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns from the supply air. Uniform air flow is circulated at 150 to 180 air changes per hour through the translucent perforated ceiling panels. The unit can be operated in a negative or positive mode with respect to the room.

The unit features overhead florescent lighting, located above the ceiling panels with a timer to control lighting cycles. The front control panel includes: Air-flow monitor gauge, pre-filter warning light, blower on/off switch, and positive/negative indicator mode. Duo-Flo™ is also available in an extended height version for larger animal housing units.