Softwall Freestanding Unit

Incorporating BioClean™ Class 100 clean room technology, the Softwall Freestanding enclosure is available in a variety of sizes. The unit provides a clean room enclosure within an existing room for housing several racks of animals, or providing an isolated laboratory work area. The basic structure consists of a durable vinyl laminate cover over a steel frame. Windows are fabricated from 10 mil thick clear vinyl, sewn in position when and where customer specifies.

The air handling unit located adjacent to the enclosure provides easy access to pre-filters and HEPA filters. The supply unit provides HEPA filtered air, removing 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns. Uniform air flow is circulated at 150 to 180 air changes per hour through patented injection molded translucent perforated ceiling panels. Although not classified as portable, it can be dismantled, moved, and relocated. The unit is operated in a positive down-flow mode.