Modular Kennels – Mobile

Mobile Kennels are primarily designed for housing dogs however, offer Species-flexibility™ by exchanging modular components. Select from a wide variety of configurations including housing for dogs, sheep, swine, cats and goats.

  • Design and Build Your Own Kennels
  • Choose from Various Modular Panels
  • Easy to Assemble Pin Design (Tool Free)
  • Patented Formed Beam™ Design
  • Many Enrichment Options Available

Kennels utilize shared panels and optional sliding doors for controlling access between adjoining kennels. Several removable floor types including plastisol-coated expanded metal, fiberglass, and stainless steel tubing are offered for housing various species of animals. Resting boards can be fixed in place or height adjustable, flip-up and removable. Select automatic watering or use stainless steel bowls, stainless steel J-Feeders, troughs or plastic troughs. Since the units are mobile, they can also serve as convenient transport cages.

An extended line up of dog housing systems are available such as wall hung, mobile, built-in, fixed, freestanding or dual-tier designs and cage transport units to support them. Contact us to discover how over 45 years of engineering and manufacturing experience can be put to work meeting your specific animal housing needs.