Modular Kennels – Freestanding

Essentially engineered for housing dogs, Freestanding Kennels offer the versatility to also house swine, sheep, goats and cats with interchangeable components. Have your own design considerations produced to meet all of your housing requirements to support the most efficient use of your animal holding rooms, caretakers and other resources.

  • Create and Construct Your Own Designs
  • Select from Numerous Modular Panels
  • Quick and Easy Assembly (No Tools)
  • Patented Formed Beam™ Features
  • Wide Range of Enrichment Options

At your option, shared panels can include sliding doors for extending and restricting access between adjacent compartments or to create animal runs. Add casters to a unit and it can also serve as a transport cage. Standard removable floors; expanded metal with plastisol coating, fiberglass, and stainless steel tubing accomodate the housing of different animal species. Choose from a variety of resting boards that are stationary, height adjustable, flip-up or removable. Consider auto-watering or stainless steel bowls, troughs, J-Feeders or troughs made of durable plastic.

We provide and an extensive product line of dog housing systems including; mobile or wall hung cages, built-in, fixed, mobile or freestanding kennels, transport cages and more. With 45 years of design and manufacturing experience, Lab Products, llc. specializes in creating innovative solutions to meet the specific animal housing needs of your facility and your research.