Super Rat 1400™ Ventilated Cages

The Super Rat 1400™ Micro-Isolator® cage interior yields over 7.25 inches (>18 cm) of interior cage height, allowing you to house various adult rat populations per cage, complying with the ILAR Guide and Euroguide. The modular design allows you to also house you mice, hamsters and guinea pigs–a perfect choice for varying study needs or quarantine caging. Featuring a plastic cage lock that provides easy access with one-handed operation, a clear plastic Modular Diet Delivery System allowing superior visibility of food and water levels, a generous 30 ounce water bottle with the time saving 1/2 twist One Cap™, and the elimination of the wire bar lid allowing faster cage changes as compared to old styles. Available as ventilated or static cages with several watering options including bottles, automatic or Hydropac® pouch and disposable valve watering.