One Cage 2100™ Ventilated Cages

House up to 64 larger cages….128 smaller cages…or any combination in between! Accommodate various species quickly and easily with modular components.

Ideally suited for universal group housing, One Cage 2100™ allows per cage animal populations including; 14 mice (>25 g), 5 rats (400 g), 3 rats (>500 g), 11 hamsters (>100 g) or 2 guinea pigs (>350 g).

Both the One Cage 2100™ and the original One Cage™ share many components in common like the snap-on feeder attachments for various species, bottles, cardholders, filters and retainer. Consider the benefits of two distinctly different Micro-Isolator® cage sizes that are interchangeable on all One Cage 2100™ Ventilated Racks. A perfect blend of universal housing for all your small or large group housing, rodent breeding or quarantine applications. Choose from Hydropac® pouch, bottle or auto-watering.

Your research studies can benefit from LifeSpan™ rodent enrichment in either cage.